A Short Film Starring Death Metal Dave

Last winter, myself, Josh Keown, Matt Goodlett and Chris Humphreys stood in Chris’ kitchen, throwing around ideas for a movie about our good friend Dave. The concepts ranged from a bank robbery to fund an abortion to an action flick where Dave would get beat up a lot. Why build a movie around this guy?

For years, Dave has said things like:

  • “Hey, make a movie about me, I’m funny.”
  • “Put me in a movie, I’m entertaining.”
  • “People love my face, I can’t help it.”

Dave’s appeared in several of our collective films, usually in small doses. Despite his limited screen time, he steals EVERY scene he’s in. Maybe he’s right about his face being charismatic.

Eighteen Minutes

DayDrunkPosterWhile DayDrunk only clocks in at 18 minutes and 20 seconds, it took a lot of work to make. I’d like to thank the following people for joining in on the fun.

Matt Real handled all the shooting, lighting and sound recording. He also helped immensely with editing, color correction and audio production. The kid is a genius, so it’s no wonder he now hangs his hat in Austin, TX with lots of other talented folks. If you want to collaborate with Matt, check out “Hey A Cardinal Productions.”

Josh Keown did a round of joke punch-ups to the script, adding in more laughs than the first draft. Nobody in the business delivers a “What the FUCK” like he does. Not to mention, he plays one helluva bartender on TV.

Speaking of bartenders, this film wouldn’t have been possible without Steve Vessell letting us shoot at Seidenfaden’s. They were also kind enough to host the premier party. Check out Louisville Gore Club on Sundays at Seidenfaden’s for all the best horror movies.

Sophie Hottinger helped me iron out the story beats and fine-tune the plot on a road-trip to Lexington. She’s the best.

The band Olhm provided the soundtrack. Dave plays bass with them, so go see them live.

Matt Goodlett can round out a cast with relative ease. He knows just about everyone, which comes in handy when you need extras during a blizzard.

To all the actors/actresses who donated the time and talents, I’m eternally grateful.

And, last but not least, Death Metal Dave, for agreeing to drop your pants in a crowded bar and play a mean drunk. You did good kid!

Download the original script here.